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suicide_beauty's Journal

Suicide Beauties
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Welcome to Suicide Beauty. A place where polished beauty is so painful, it kills.


New Members:


1. Read the rules.
2. You must be fifteen (15) years of age to join.
3. You must apply using the survey below. This is a rating community, you can't just start posting pictures.
4. You must follow this set up:
-Subject or Lj-Cut Text="Suicide Note"
-You must have both the note and pictures.
-The application is in form of a suicide note-fill in the bold words with your own interpretations.
-Place ALL pictures and survey(read below) information under an LJ-cut. (This is only for applicants, after being accepted, you may post one (small) picture out of the LJ-cut, if you wish)
5. You must post three or more clearface shots (or more) when applying. They must also fit the content rules (listed below). At least one has to be a non-professional photo.
6. Post the survey clearly, neatly and legibly.
7. You must wait two-three days before being stamped. You must have fifty (50) percent yeses to be voted in. Tie's are rejected.
8. All applicants must post a piece of art in their application if they claim they are artistic. This may be a peice of writing, a photoshopped image (if it is your forte) scanned in art work, scanned in peices of music, or whatever it is that you do.

Other Information for New Members

1. Do NOT argue with any stamped member/moderator. You will make a fool of yourself.
2. You are being judged. The stamped members can say whatever they want to, you subjected yourself to it.
3. Post comments only on your entry.
4. No re-applying
5. You must write, in the field where it says "hobbies/accomplishments/interests," "being divinely beautiful," a well as the rest of your hobbies, accomplishments, and interests. This is so we know you read the rules.
6. If you do not post after one week, you will be reminded after the fifth day, and then banned on the seventh. I hate lurkers.


1. You must explain why you vote a no or a yes.
2. Undecided votes count as no's.

Accepted Members:

1. You may mock their style, stupidity, or whatever else you see fit, but making fun of things they cannot change(race, sexuality, gender, emotional scars) is just flat out inacceptable.
2. No fussing/griping/fighting uncontrollably with other stamped members: treat others as you wish to be treated.
3. You must stay active. After a period of a month of inactivity, you will be taken off the stamped list, and asked to reapply. You may use the same application and pictures if it worked well for you
4. Please put "Stamped" somewhere on your posts.
5. Do not stray from the content of this communitty.
6. Use common sense and common decency if these rules left anything unclear.

The Application

Suicide Note:

I am tired of living a life filled with (hobbies/accomplishments/interests). My beautiful (quality/feature) simply will not let me live any longer. All I hear is (list three popular compliments), a noise which drowns even my own desires of (list goals, desires, aspirations-whatnot). Give my (list favorite bands) records, my (favorite item of clothing) and my (prize possession above everything else) to (your most loyal comrade)These (age) years are enough, curse (member who invited you)-the mother/father of such hatred!- I cannot go on any longer in this world of (things you find hideous), never to see (somethings you find beautiful, and your lover). I leave this world with these remnants...(post photos, your artwork, writing-etc)

Sign your name and alias



Disclaimer: This communitty is totally against self mutilation and suicide. It is only a play on words, if you will, the name