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Suicide Note [13 Feb 2006|06:35pm]

[ mood | crazy ]

Suicide Note:

I am tired of living a life filled with (Making jewelery,taking pictures of people and random things and Painting/My sculptures/Music,movies,Friends,photos,shopping.). My beautiful (sparkling/eyes) simply will not let me live any longer. All I hear is (crazy,pretty,nice), a noise which drowns even my own desires of (i wish to become successful in something that i enjoy, and to help others., i desire to be happy, and to make others happy. ). Give my (Relient K,Something Corporate,Hellogoodbye,Panic! at the disco,Senses Fail) records, my (Blue jeans) and my (Journal) to (Anibel)These (17) years are enough, curse (i wasn't invited i found the community)-the mother/father of such hatred!- I cannot go on any longer in this world of (saggy boobs,old people), never to see (sunsets,flowers,nail polish,the ocean,Charles(ex)). I leave this world with these remnants...( ME artwork art)

~<3Pam<3~ xxpdjejmbxx

[Rearrange me until I'm sane]

[09 Feb 2006|04:52pm]

[Rearrange me until I'm sane]

[05 Oct 2004|10:05pm]

Cross Posted
Stamped where applicable

These aren't glamourous at all, but I think that they are lovely nonetheless.
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[19 Sep 2004|08:20pm]

Im leaving all but the 2 communities I moderate. Maybe in the future I will rejoin. im outtie
[Rearrange me until I'm sane]

[20 Aug 2004|03:43am]

Cross-posted, stamped, etcetera.
Could you tell me, if you would, which numbers you like?

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